In recreating the spirit of expeditions across Morocco in the early 20th century, Alcimat invites all those thirsty for adventure to travel back in time and share moments both rare and timeless. An hour away from Marrakech, set in the immense and barren vistas of Agafay desert, or in the unspoiled nature of the Kik plateau, our venues have to been chosen to match the remarkable landscapes hosting them. Boasting all modern comforts and conveniences, our camps host two to eight people, depending on the kind of experience you are looking for.


In a display of ultimate luxury, each expedition is supported by a personal cook and butlers well versed in the art of bespoke service. Alone in the spectacular panoramas of the Atlas foothills, our team orchestrates a refined and original picnic break or a romantic sunset diner in the most beautiful settings to be found around Marrakech.

Depending on the season and conditions, we'd also be delighted to offer you a full range of fantastic activities from tours on foot or carried by a donkey, halfway between the skies and the mountains, across picturesque Berber villages, late evening star gazing or falconry. Please be aware that for your safety and comfort some activities may be seasonal or weather dependant.

If you’d like, our photographer can accompany you during your expedition to immortalize for you these exceptional moments and allow you to share quality pictures and videos with your family and friends.